25 May

Well, I’m the world’s worst blogger!!  It has been crazy how busy I have been since I arrived in Rome.  The travel over to Rome was a little exhausting.  I took the metro to the flyer, the flyer bus to Dulles, stop over for 4 hours in London Heathrow, then arrived in Rome, took a train to termini and a metro to my new home for the next three weeks.  I was trying to be a savvy traveler, but it was a lot of work.  With the 900lb. backpack and the 40lbs. of law school books, I am definitely going to have back problems when I’m older!

The dorms here are sparse, but just fine.  I have a great roommate who I pretty much do everything with.  It’s always better go travel around Rome and go out to eat with smaller amounts of people here.  The Italians are always telling the Americans to be more quiet and they just hate when I big group of Americans walk into their restaurant.

On Sunday, the day after I arrived I went to mass at St. Peter’s.  Then we went out to the plaza and saw the Pope.  He comes to his bedroom window and waves at a crowd of thousands of people who gather in the plaza after mass.  It was crazy.  In the crowd we did manage to spot Joe Montana and his wife!!!  You’ll see a pic of the back of his head.  That’s all I could get!

Then food here has been amazing.  I am pretty much on a carb only diet.  So, we shall see how this works out for my figure.  We walk a ton though and my roommate and I are even running!  Italians just smoke and watch us run by thinking…Americans are crazy.

Classes are interesting….and totally get in the way.  We have about a 100 pages of reading, so no they are not taking it easy on us just because we are in Rome.  I just have to wake up at about 7am to read at the bar in the morning.  And no Mom, not a real bar…it’s just what they call the cafes here!  

Make sure to check out the pics!!!


2 Responses to “Roma”

  1. LMgolfer May 28, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    Love the pics Kelley! They're beautiful and I am so incredibly jealous! It looks like you're having an awesome time. I can't believe you went to Mass at St. Peters…how cool is that?! How are your classes going? Any interesting profs or students? How good is the wine?! I love your blog–it lets me live vicariously through your adventures, ha!Laura

  2. klhuem May 30, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    Laura!!!Thanks for looking at the blog and commenting! Mass at St. Peter's was quite the experience. My classes are not great at all, but I don't really mind since I'm in Rome. Interesting professors. But, the wine is AMAZING. You can get a bottle of Brunello for 25 Euros. It's just amazing and drinking wine and eating is pretty much what we do every night! It's been quite the experience so far.Hope everything is well with you. Tell everyone hi at work!

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